Saturday, April 10, 2010


As some of you know, I have a starbucks addiction I battle every now and again. I can proudly say over the past year, it has gotten better. Maybe the main reason I feel it has improved is because my new drink of choice is at least two dollars cheaper than a caramel macchiato with an extra shot. Now, I just get coffee with caramel and a sweet-n-low. This new drink is so easily imitated. I can get the same thing at McDonalds for one dollar or even cheaper at a gas station. The only problem I seem to run into is not every place has sweet-n-low. This is so strange to me. Then again, sweet-n-low and I go way back.......

(As soon as my husband reads this blog, he will probably say, "I wouldn't have told anyone that...")

When I was in the seventh or eighth grade, my older sister and I helped a lady who went to our church with her wedding catering business. She would decorate the tables, bake the cake, and provide several different kinds of food. I don't really remember what all I did to help, but I remember thinking it would be so much more fun if there were such a thing as cute, comfortable shoes.

One particular wedding we helped with was about 30 minutes from the town we lived in. I don't remember too many details of the wedding. But I do remember as it got closer to time the wedding was to start, there were only a few things left to do before guests arrived. One of the last tasks was setting up the table with the coffee. To help with the final table, I was asked to put the sugar, sweet-n-low, and equal in a white glass bowl.

I was almost finished putting them all in the bowl, when I began to think. I could not figure out how people were going to be able to tell the difference between the three. So I asked the other ladies in the kitchen with me. In response to my question a lady answered by telling me each packet was a different color. I told her I understood that, but all the individual crystals were white. I had opened each packet and poured them into the bowl. Oops.

After that special incident, I was known as 'sweet-n-low' to several ladies working the same wedding.


  1. This seriously made me laugh out front of people! hahahahaha!:)

  2. The very sad thing is I still don't understand why it is so funny. They told me to put all of it in a bowl, and so that is exactly what I did.


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