Thursday, March 25, 2010

Who knew?

I can't believe it is almost Friday. I feel like all I accomplished this week was minimal cleaning. And I say minimal, because whatever I clean will be unclean within 3 hours.

I was raised with two sisters. So until I got married, the only male I ever cleaned after was my daddy. And unlike most men, my daddy is a very clean person. I had no idea how big of a blessing it was to learn to clean house and do chores where only girls lived until I started cleaning after my husband, our nephew, and our two boy dogs. My goodness the males species is messy! I don't understand it. I can not get my mind to comprehend the drastic difference in cleanliness between men and women.

This week, I have cleaned the hardwood floors in our house three times! THREE! It's only Thursday!I park in the same garage, and my shoes never track the red dirt I see on the floor!

I clean the kitchen, wait for the next stomach to growl and clean it again. As soon as the dishes are clean, I unload the dishwasher. No less than an hour later, there will be dirty dishes in the sink. Is it too much to reach a little lower than the sink to open the dishwasher and put it in there? The automatic response when I ask this is, "Well, I never know if the dishes are dirty or clean!" To this I say two things: 1) Open the dishwasher and look! 2) The screen on the dishwasher has an arrow next to the word 'clean' and 'sanitized', if the arrow is red, they are clean. If the arrow is black, they are dirty! Duh......

This is the one that really makes my head spin....the toilet. After cleaning both toilets on Tuesday, I messaged my friend to inform her I would rather clean a nasty gas station womens' restroom's toilet than clean one man's private toilet. I don't know how they can lift the seat, see what I see and not vomit! And are they blind to stuff growing around the edge of the water?! When there is a dark ring around the edge of the water, find some toilet cleaner! And for goodness sakes, if you don't know where it is or how to use it, come find me. I would rather clean it then instead of three weeks later when I stumble upon cleaning a restroom I don't use.

I've always said I don't want daughters; I want all boys.

God, while you read my blog, please hear my cry. I don't know what I was thinking. I would love to have a daughter or two.
Your toilet cleaning, dishwasher loading, daily hardwood floor cleaning daughter,
Jenn Jenn

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  1. Men are messy... and it only gets worse the older they get. Their aim is not as good!



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