Thursday, March 18, 2010


Our home page for Internet Explorer is So every now and then, I stop and glance around at the headlines on there. Today as I was looking at all the different headlines, there were a few which caught my eye. Of course, I didn't actually click the story and read it. I just developed thoughts based only on the headlines. So I thought this would be a great place to share!

The first headline simply read "She wants to be fat".
Well, okay. She wants to be fat? What's your point? I know people who want to have a manicure at all times, but they don't get a headline on I know a lot of people who were once upon a time part of a tanorexic community I was involved in. They don't have a headline either. I mean seriously, if she wants to be fat, let her be fat. I'm sure she knows her weight makes her 'at risk' for certain things, but so does being tan. And spending time in a toxic nail salon once a week probably isn't at the top of the 'Healthiest things to do" list. Calm down. She wants to be fat. Great! At least she knows what she wants. Not many people now days can say the same for themselves.

"Ohio woman gets married, has baby on same day"
Again, I think, "What's your point?" Is this really that rare? I know this isn't the way it is supposed to happen traditionally. I know 'Thou shall not commit adultery.' I believe in this principle. But, about the time I knew what adultery was I think I also knew what a shotgun wedding was. I think I am just very very confused as to why this is a headline. Apparently, that day in Ohio was very uneventful if that was the headline. So strange...

This one made me giggle...
"U.S. health survey; Too few exercise, Too many smoke"
Well, ya don't say? I mean who would have guessed this?! Oh wait, that's right half the commercials on tv say the same thing! Hmmm....what are the odds? Too few exercise. Yes, we know. We realized this when the latest diet commercial was for the TACO BELL DRIVE THRU! Too many smoke. Well duh...if there is a surgeon general's warning on the side of a product annoucing its link to cancer, isn't one person consuming that product, one too many?

I was a journalism major. I was taught when writing articles, the headline has to be the attention grabber. People read articles with interesting headlines or something catching their interest. After spending time working for a newspaper, I guess some people forget or get in a hurry and just decide to state the obvious. Whatever works.

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  1. I'm pretty sure this is why you make me laugh! I was just looking at the msn homepage and rolling my eyes at the fat woman when I decided to jump to your blog for a second. pahaha!


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