Monday, March 1, 2010

I Couldn't Believe my Eyes!

Teenagers are special. Very special. There really aren't many great words to describe them other than 'teenagers'. Lately, I have been watching my little sister (who happens to be one of the most mature teenagers I've ever known) and my nephew who just moved in. It's strange watching teenagers. It wasn't too long ago when I myself was a teenager. And I would like to take a moment to say, to anyone who knew me when I was a teenager, I'm so sorry.

They are teenagers so I don't think there is anything anyone can do about it but observe and learn. But they have a very different view on life, family and priorities. Family is not always the most important to a teenager, simply because family is *cringe* embarrassing. And, there is never ever a moment which goes according to a teen's plan. Life stinks. There is school and chores and parents. And then food and sleep creep in every now and then. But not nearly as much as it should. And then back to school, chores and parents. And since family is usually embarrassing or not fun to endure as a teenager, the same routine is not a happy one.

Today I witnessed the strangest thing I have ever seen. It was absolutely breath-taking. I had the pleasure of coaching 5 year olds in Upward cheerleading. Tonight was our awards celebration. For the entertainment, they had a family who did a 'spin-tacular' show. It was a family of 12 kids. The dad has been in the book of world records four times for various basketball tricks. They had a 17 year old daughter who was a part of their show. Seventeen year old girl. Performing with family. Whatever mental picture you just had, delete it from memory. SHE WAS HAPPY! Sincerely happy. You could tell by every move she made, she enjoyed what she was doing, she loved her family, and she herself was happy. When the performance was over, I could not wait to talk to the girl with a huge grin covering her face. So when I finally snagged a moment of her time, of course my first question was an inquiry of her age. My mouth dropped when she said 17.

Even though that was over an hour ago, I am still in shock. It was so refreshing to see a teenager enjoy her family. A family who is by no means normal ( I mean this is a good way. ) and makes money based on their performance as a family. It was refreshing to not hear one sarcastic comment come out of her mouth. It was refreshing to watch her hug her family with a sincere smile behind scenes. And when a younger sibling accomplished a stunt on the court, she smiled out of pride!

Hopefully, I was not the only one who noticed this delightful teenager. Maybe some kids noticed how she acted. Happy as a teenager! Wow!


  1. this reminded me of something i read a few weeks ago in the book Lies Women Believe. (didn't we read some of it together?!) anyway, the one thing that is at the forefront of my mind is the fact that children/teenagers don't have to live rebellious unhappy lives. it's almost as if we expect it from them, but it's not what God has called any of us to. But a lot of the reason why these attitudes permeate the younger generations is because it is undoubtedly what is expected of them. These low expectations may not be verbally communicated but are most definitely communicated by the older generations attitudes and actions toward the younger. responsibility of success or failure, though, does not fall on the one group of the other. one is responsible to lead diligently regardless or response, and one is responsible to live obediently regardless of leadership!
    all that to say, i am encouraged to hear this story. there is Hope!

  2. This just makes me smile and laugh:) It makes me remember all the eye rolls and heavy sighs directed toward my parents. But it also makes me remember how much fun I had with my family, even when I wasn't supposed to be:)


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