Monday, June 21, 2010

We Wear Short Shorts

Over the past five years, I have done a lot of changing in a lot of areas of my life. One area, which I am still by no means perfect in, I changed a lot is the way I dressed. I knew it wasn't good to dress so scandalous, but being the stubborn girl I was, I wore short skirts and other things I would probably not wear today.

I think getting married helped me finally open my eyes a lot. Well maybe it wasn't getting married, maybe it was just meeting my Jeffy. Let me preface all this by saying, I am a very lucky woman to be married to a man who I can trust at all times. However, by meeting him, I realized why it was important to dress more conservatively than I did when I was younger. I did not realize when I was living in my own little selfish world that not only may I be causing guys my age to struggle, but the way I dressed may cause any man anywhere to struggle. After meeting Jeffy, I didn't want to even see girls in public wearing shorts where the longest part of them are the pockets hanging out the bottom. It would disgust me to think the way other girls we don't know walking around in public could cause men, not just Jeffy, but other married men, and daddies everywhere to struggle.

Tonight, we played cards with some friends in Starbucks. A girl walked in with a super short skirt on. I kind of grumbled, but I got over it. Until I turned around a few minutes later. What I caught a glimpse of should have had a censored sign over it. I mean seriously, is it necessary to share your goodies with everyone? Uhhh no. So because five years ago that girl could have been me, I know I owe some apologies. (Not that all the people I owe apologies to will ever read this, but...) To the men, I may have caused to struggle because of how I dressed, I am so sorry. And to all the wives, girlfriends, or mothers of any men I caused to stumble because of how I dressed, I am also sorry to you too.

As we left Starbucks, I was ranting to Jeff. He asked me what the problem was if I trust him. It made me think, I don't really know. It is just annoying. So I figured this was as good a place to vent as any! :)

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  1. girl amen and yes and amen again. come to think of it, there are some apologies i need to send too. if you have time, you shoud pick up Sexy Girls by Hayli DiMarco. i think that's how you spell it. it's a good read!

    oh and amen for husbands we can trust!


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