Wednesday, June 2, 2010

A Challenge

Being both very determined and very stubborn, I am (almost) always ready for a challenge. For as long as I can remember, telling me I can't do something was just a way to speed up the process of me doing what I "can't". Recently, I feel God has been working in my life to present me with challenges. And I can honestly say, it is very refreshing.

Being raised in a Christian home, I don't ever remember a time where I didn't know I belonged to a God who had unconditional love for me, and there was nothing I can do to change it. I am so incredibly grateful I was raised in a home where I can claim the previous statement. Lately, through the challenges I have been presented with, I have began to wonder if maybe I had taken for granted the love the Creator of all things has for me.

About six weeks ago, I began reading CrazyLove by Francis Chan. If you are content with your relationship with God and have no desire to grow in Him, don't pick up this book. This book is full of truths I have known most of my life, however, it presents them in such a way I have found myself re-evaluating not only my love for God but my love for others. The chapters I have read so far leave me with a desire to analyze every aspect of my life. To say this book has challenged me to live in response to my love for my Savior is an understatement.

As if the book isn't enough, I have recently found myself challenged simply by the people in my life. Reading others' blogs and listening to them has opened my eyes to so many different things. I love that God continues to speak to me through different outlets, and outlets which continually grab my attention. I am lucky enough to be surrounded with Christians who truly love and live for God. I have so many friends who challenge me to grow just by the way they live their lives.

However much I may enjoy a good challenge, I am looking forward to a day when my relationship with God won't need challenging because I will have new eyes to be able to know and see my King for all that He is! What a day that will be!


  1. Thanks for the recommendation! I will definitely check that book out!


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My Kaylea