Friday, June 18, 2010

Head Trama

I have never really had a lot of coordination or common sense for that matter. But lately, it seems whatever stash of coordination I once had has disappeared. In the past week, the things I seem to have gotten myself into have even left me shocked.

This past weekend, Jeffy and I went to Branson with some of our friends from Louisiana. On Saturday night, we stayed in a condo. It was only one bedroom, but the living area had a fold out couch. It was a pretty spacious condo so we all had plenty of room. The bathroom in this condo was also very spacious. The toilet was in it's own little corridor. On the wall next to the toilet, there was a handicap rail. About a foot above that rail, was a towel rack. Not only was the towel rack a foot above the other rail, it was also a foot more inward than the rail. I don't know how clear of a picture this paints for you, but let me just say the way the rail and towel rack were hung made it nearly impossible for someone to hit their head on the towel rack. Unless that someone were me. I have no clue how it happened, but somehow I managed to hit my head on the top towel rack. How one would manage to do that is a mystery to me! Jeffy and our friend, Critter, from Louisiana had no explanation as to how I managed to hit my head other than the fact I once was a Talley. Seriously, a week later, my head is still sore!

As if that blow to the head wasn't enough, Tuesday I hit my head again! I was in a hurry, now I can't even remember the reason for the hurry, and I needed gas really bad. I stopped at the nearest gas station to put five dollars in my car. Apparently, I got so excited to get back into my new car, I quit thinking. As I was leaning down to get into the car, I didn't lean down enough. I hit my head so hard on the top of my car that it not only made me yell, but it knocked my hat off of my head!

I'm so sure one day, I will make it through a whole day without either hitting my head or doing something that can only be described as 'ridiculously blonde'. However, I will not hold my breath waiting for this one day!

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