Tuesday, June 1, 2010

THAT day

Well today was a strange day...

When I woke up this morning, I thought I was in a good mood. I got ready for work like normal, went to starbucks like normal, then headed to the store like normal. But I guess that was where the normality ended.

First, I couldn't get the door unlocked. I felt like a bona fide blonde. After struggling for about 5 minutes, I finally gave up and asked a lady walking by to help me. I figured, 'Oh, she's a woman. She will smile and have sympathy.' Apparently, I thought wrong. She did help. However, there was no smile and absolutely no sympathy. Instead, she looked at me with eyes that accused me of being the blonde I am. How dare she?!

When I got settled and sat down at the computer, I finally realized I wasn't in that good of a mood after all. So I thought maybe a little facebook would cheer me up. Wrong again. I have a friend who just recently had a baby, actually I thought she had the baby just a few days ago. But today her status said her baby was a month old. I am not exactly sure why, but for some reason reading that post made me cry. And then it hit me; I was having THAT day!

You know... THAT day when you have no reason to cry, but it would just feel so good.
THAT day when you seem to be happy-ish, but all you want to do is go back to sleep. THAT day when you have a chance to go to a free concert of two people you really like, but you can't seem to push away the desire to take a nap. THAT day when everything inside the kitchen makes your mouth water, but you have already eaten too much.

Lucky for me, THAT day is almost over. Hopefully, tomorrow when I wake up, I will either not feel like crying or have a reason to cry!

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