Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Discoveries

Since the beginning of August, when I found out I was pregnant, I have learned a lot of new things. Not only have I learned new things, I have re-learned things I have known for quite some time. Some of them were during the first couple of months of being pregnant and some have come to me just in the past week. If being pregnant changes me this much, I can not imagine how much I will change once I actually have Kendall in my arms.

One thing I learned seems so simple when just saying it, and kind of obvious, but it is a lot to chew on. The minute I looked down at the pregnancy test and saw it was positive I realized my life is never going to be the same. My body is no longer just mine. I share oxygen, food, energy, sleep, everything with my growing child. When my nine months of carrying her are up, my life will not go back to normal. Although I will still have some selfish tendancies, Kendall will always come before me. Some of what I'm saying may leave some of you thinking, "Well, duh..", it is still kind of crazy. To me anyway.

One thing I re-learned, is I love to cook! I think this one came from all the different cravings I have had and my new kitchen! The kitchen in the house we bought is beautiful! I love it! And the cabinets aren't too close to the counter, which makes me happy cause I can finally leave my KitchenAid stand mixer out! Previously, I had to drag it out of the pantry everytime I wanted to use it. But now it's always out! So exciting to me! So pretty soon some of my posts may be sharing new recipes I love!

Another thing I've learned, well I guess I knew this, but I have gained a deeper understanding about God's love and His plans. I can NOT understand how any woman could ever go through pregnancy and not believe in a God who has sovereign control over everything and everyone. Over the past six months, I have done nothing extraordinary, yet there is a new life, a new human being growing inside me! The day we had our ultrasound to find out if we were having a girl or boy, I was laying on the table watching the tv above me showing our child. The very second I saw the spine of our unborn child, my eyes began to well with tears. All I could think in my head was the lyrics to the song, "How great is Our God!" Seeing those tiny vertebra just made me realize how beautiful life is. How beautiful Our God is! How wonderful and deep is His love that He allows a sinner like me to experience a glimpse of his power and love!! I know throughout my life I have made too many mistakes, but thankfully God's grace is sufficient for me! I'm so grateful He has allowed me to experience pregnancy within the walls of marriage just as he intended.

Another thing I have learned is I'm not just excited to be a mother to Kendall. There are no words to describe how excited I am to see my Jeffy be a daddy to Kendall. I love that man more than words can describe. And just through this pregnancy I have learned I am going to love that man even more once I get to see him hold his baby girl in his arms!

One thing I re-learned is I love me a cherry ICEE and candy!!!! I have given up my starbucks addiction for an addiction to Candy Craze and cherry icees!!
Speaking of candy, that reminds me! I have some very cherry Jelly Belly beans waiting on me!

(Sorry if this post is long, random, or just plain weird. I'm trying to get back to blogging mode! (: )

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