Friday, February 12, 2010


At six a.m., there is not much on tv. But lucky for me, this morning there was actually something worth leaving the tv on to watch. (Or to glance up at sparatically when I get tired of looking at the computer screen) Maybe I should be embarrassed about what it is I'm watching. I, however, grew up with a momma who makes life a little more interesting by never being embarrassed, and it rubbed off on me. So I'm watching High School Musical 3.

I have never really been one to enjoy musical movies. The only ones I like are old cartoon Disney classics like Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast. But Rent, or Hairspray, or Mamma Mia!, and all those movies do not interest me one ounce. And this morning, while I was watching (occasionally looking at) HSM 3 I realized why I don't like them.

I like to watch things which could be real. So I have an extremely hard time finding an element in a musical I can connect to. I mean, seriously, who goes around and at any given moment just busts out a ballad and starts dancing and then everyone around joins in singing and dancing. I mean a lot of crazy things happend at lunch during my imprisonment at high school, but there was nobody dancing on a table busting out a random song which just happens to fit whatever situation perfectly.

I mean growing up we would bust out in random song, but it was just me and my sisters being crazy and goofing around. (HA! growing up....yeah we might still do that every now and then...) Even then, it was a song we already knew. And the only way we ALL sang, was if we all knew it. Some of these songs are the thoughts of characters and yet everyone around them just joins in. (I guess this would be possible if everyone had a group of fortune telling friends.)

All this to say, musicals aren't my thing. They seem to be more of a comedy to me, because life just doesn't happen like that. There isn't always a climax in everyday rountines, because sometimes its just boring. There isn't always a one specific moment of glory. There isn't always a happy ending simply because not everybody is as lucky as me.............:)

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