Thursday, February 4, 2010

I jumped on the bandwagon...

I have been stubborn for as long as I can remember. I am just stubborn enough that when everyone else is putting something crazy on their facebook status, I won't. Just because they are. Or if everyone changes their picture to their celebrity look a like, I won't do that either. (And not just because I don't have a celebrity look a like) However, there is one facebook trend that caught my eye. I didn't post it on my facebook status ( so maybe it doesn't count as jumping on the bandwagon). But I am posting it on here, because I am amazed at how true it is.

So I read where you can go to and put your name in, and it will give you a 'definition'. So my curiousity go the best of me, and I did it. I have to share it, because it is so true its crazy!

Jennifer: a fun, outgoing person. generally smart but can be a total blonde at times. someone who likes meeting new people, and smiles a lot. a person who never would just turn on people. a very good friend. someone you can trust. when she's mad, stand clear she might blow her top. but a person who doesn't get mad easily so you dont have to worry about that.

And if that isn't enough.....

Danielle:A.)Traditional; Feminine form of Daniel, meaning 'Judged only by GOD.' B.) Intense, firey female Possessing ability to affect person, place, and immediate surrounding environment. Frequently manifesting such conflicting extremes that the outcome is typically one of lucidity or confusion. The conflict(s) can occur consecutively, concurrent or separate. Other characteristics of Danielle are; abundance of curly locks of hair (red?), kalidescope eyes, descernible voice capable of pitch, tone and volume that cracks Ice, shatters glass, and renders those in ear-shot stunned for moment. Danielle is synonymous with Tardy i;e, NEVER EVER, ever on time generally DST (Danielle Standard Time) run's within a 3 hour conversion =/- ( due at 2 pm will not arrive prior to 2:30 PM but usually by 5PM or somewhere in between)
'DANIELLE' your mostfearless, strong and loyal friend for life, or your most feared, relentless mortal enemy.


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